Can you draw a toilet?



Help wanted. Emergency Cartoonist to extract a picture that lodged in my head after an illness last week. I don’t think I’ll be better until you help me remove it.

There is a semi circle of toilets.  About ten people who look like men and a couple who look like women, are standing with their butts in the air and heads in their respective toilet bowls. Each has one hand on the flusher. Out of their butts are ostrich feathers.

An arch overhead says North Carolina State Legislature.

A male-appearing figure is standing at the front of the semi circle. The bulb over his head says “1,2,3, flush!”.

In the corner are six small figures. Their shirts read: Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wisconsin. They are childlike in stature with ostrich feathers and feet. One of them has a bubble over its head: — “Hey that looks fun, let’s do that too!”

In the other corner are seven figures – adult-like, holding signs that read, HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, BRIDGES, CLIMATE CHANGE, CLEAN WATER, POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY, JOBS. Out of their bubbles are a series of questions marks and exclamations marks.

In the top are three figures holding a banner that says, Boycotting  North Carolina:  D.C. San Francisco,Portland,  New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota, Washington and 100 companies. 

On the bottom is a note:

“Contrary to popular belief, ostriches actually don’t let their heads hit the ground. They have learned over the generations that such actions endangers their species– because if they did they might step on their own heads, think they were being attacked and kill themselves in self defense.

North Carolina legislators are not that smart”.


Special Thanks to Emily Winkler-Morey and her friend, the Ostrich farmer from New Jersey, for Ostrich insights.

Deep apologies to all ostriches everywhere.

And thanks in advance to the cartoonist who can draw toilets. And Assholes.