Open Streets, Minneapolis!


Youth marching on Nicollet Avenue for Black Lives Matter in May 1, 2015 

Open Streets  on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis on September 21, 2015  — was a little utopia for an afternoon. All that asphalt for us – the people and our strollers, bikes, wheelchairs and feet. It was Barcelona for a day with flame jugglers and dancers, folk bands and punk, corn and churros.
I wonder if we do it enough, people would decide it’s so much nicer this way – expand the buses and trains, get rid of the cars, get rid of all that tension I see on the faces of drivers as I walk or cycle or bus by.

On Open Streets Day  people are invited to hang out — that is the point. In our every other day closed-streets world, standing on a street corner is viewed with suspicion, especially –city arrest records show— if you are Black, Native, young or poor.

Open Streets is more than a one day party,  — it is a reminder that the streets and sidewalks, the trains and buses, the parks and parkways belong to all of us, everyday of the year.