Bernie and the Bird.


At an official peace gathering in Puerto Rico,  August, 14-15, 2002, hosted by Nobel peace Laureate Oscar Arias, event planners let go a cage full of doves. They went right for the lights — (or was it a wire loaded with fireworks?) and were immediately electrocuted, falling to their deaths.  We did our best to divert the attention of our twelve year old daughter, away from the rain of feathered carnage.

And the Endless War on Terror raged on.

You gotta let the birds make their own statements.

On January 8, 1959, a white dove  landed on young revolutionary Fidel Castro’s shoulder as he was delivering a speech to the masses, shortly after taking Havana.



And now – the little bird came to join Bernie Sanders on the podium, telling him not to be afraid to stretch his vision of equality beyond U.S. borders. “Don’t be afraid to use the p word”  she whispered.


And then he wasn’t.