Coats, Hats, Gloves! Smaller Classes, Swimming Pool, Affordable Housing!

These beautiful kids from Franklin Middle School, where my husband is the school social worker, have a message for football fans. Even rich dudes can get frost bite without:

Now that you are suited up: Franklin Middle School needs their swimming pool renovated so it can be used; the kids need smaller class sizes. And their families need affordable housing. Coats hats and gloves aren’t enough live through a Minneapolis winter. People need homes, and their is a crisis created by a negligent landlord and a system that punishes renters for that negligence. 

The money people are spending to house themselves for a weekend of super bowl partying is enough for a year’s rent for hundreds of people in North Minneapolis.

Frigid economics in Minneapolis, that even a coats hats and gloves and the sweetest kids can’t unthaw.



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