Minneapolis Top city ?! Only when we #Reclaim our City!


Minneapolis top city?!  Star Tribune doesn’t question?! 

I’d like to invite the Patch of Earthers  who decided Minneapolis was the best city, to consider what kind of place this is to live if you are not White. Peal back the veneer and see our city’s ugly inequalities.  We are working for an equitable community, working to #reclaim our city, but first we need to take stock of the city we have:

Minneapolis is full of corporate headquarters yet it has highest race/income gap in the United States.
Minnesota has some of the highest K-12 test scores in the nation — and the great racial opportunity gap. The gaps are greatest in Twin Cities schools.
Racial Gaps in unemployment are among the highest in the nation
Arrest rates for low-level non-criminal, offenses in Minneapolis are 81/2 times higher for Blacks and Native Americans than for Whites.
Housing inequality in the Twin cities is the result of not just historical legal discrimination, like the Federal Housing Authority and neighborhood covenants, but also current illegal discriminatory banking practices in mortgage lending.  Only 24% of African Americans own their own homes in Minneapolis — one of the lowest rates in the nation.

Health disparities in Minneapolis can be measured by Zip codes. Location can predict how long you will live. Infant mortality rates are an issue for Blacks and Native Americans in Minnesota!

At the same time we are fighting the gentrification; the displacement of  low income residents and People of Color at accelerated rates.

Fortunately hundreds of  people  including Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, and Native Lives Matter,  and  CTUL, — are working tirelessly to change these structural injustices.In fact, the best thing about our city is  that the above people are here, working to reclaim our city.  I hope Patch of Earthers will come see us on November 10 when we take action to make our city the first rate place it ought to be.

As for our local paper. We expect more discernment and perspective from the Star Tribune. We expect you to consider that the experiences of People of Color in Minneapolis Matter!

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